#Relentless, Elite Winnipeg

Good Morning Folks,

Time to shine!

There has been so much happening at ELITE since we last spoke….

keywords being- 3rd ELITE location/ Rookies Baseball Training/ Marlins Swim Club/ Worlds in Bodybuilding/ the Grey Cup/ FIS Ski-Circuit/ Sam’s Christmas/ Sport Psychologist (in-house)/ Doctor (in-house)…the list goes on..

As you strive for perfection…so do we. We keep working to ensure that each one of our Athletes gets NOTHING less than the best there is….#DEDICATED has been our vision.

We are taking our VISION to the “next level”…where DEDICATED doesn’t quite reflect our effort.

but there is a word that does….#RELENTLESS

Onward and Upward,
your pal,

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