Our Professionals Ensure Results


Fitness, Figure and Bikini are booming sports in Manitoba. The caliber of competitors attracted to these events has been steadily increasing year after year, making the quality of one’s preparation the crucial foundation to successful results. With more Overall Champions than any other facility, trainer or organization in Manitoba, Elite Performance has the key to unlocking your full potential and giving you that competitive edge.

Our program provides each athlete with the winning combination of diet, training and stage etiquette instruction required to look and showcase their absolute best physique. All applicants to our program must consent to a minimum 6-month commitment and will receive the following:

  1. A pre-screening drug test (acceptance is contingent upon a negative result)
  2. A physical exam conducted by a Sports Physician at Legacy Sports Medicine
  3. A comprehensive fitness analysis completed by one of our ELITE PROFESSIONALS
  4. Program and Diet individually tailored and regularly modified to ensure optimal physique transformation leading up to contest day.
  5. Posing Seminars. Not only is your physique an essential part of your contest preparation but your stage presence, posing and etiquette are crucial aspects to your success. Posing is taught by experienced National level competitors who offer invaluable tips and tricks to help showcase your hard earned physique.

Although these competitions are considered individual sports, the camaraderie and support created by Elite Performances’ unique environment has allowed our athletes to thrive and continue the tradition of bringing home gold.



To take the next step toward excellence, contact our Performance Division to set up your application interview.


Manitoba Amateur Figure Champion Holly Raban has been part of the Elite family since 2011. Holly is currently a University of Winnipeg student and has been a competitive athlete since she was young. In March 2010, Holly attended the Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding show in Winnipeg, she remembers watching all the figure competitors take the stage, and she remembers thinking that she could never do that. One year later Holly took the stage in her first figure of four figure competitions for 2011 and she has not looking back since. In her first competition in 2011 MABBA Novice she earned a 1st place ranking in her class, she went on to complete in MABBA Provincials and placed 1st a second time. Holly was also named the Overall Figure Champion earning her a Miss Manitoba title. After her first place finish at MABBA Provincials Holly signed on with the Kaizen Platinum team, she continued her journey and went on to complete at the 2011 Bikini, Figure, Fitness, and Elite Bodybuilding Championships where she placed first once again. Holly finished her 2011 competition schedule with an impressive 3rd place finish at the 2011 IFBB North American Championships.