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With over 15 years of experience training hockey players we understand the unique needs for each hockey player. Our Performance Director creates a periodization program for one player at a time.

There’s a reason why Canadians are world hockey leaders: it’s the little rinks on local ponds and in our backyards that are part of the secret ingredient. On small rinks skill plays a greater role than size and speed. The Rink Training Centre’s smaller ice surface: about 2/3 the size of a professional surface. It forces players to develop the stick skills and control that helps make great players great.


Off Ice Conditioning:

Elite HockeyHockey training needs to take place on and off the ice. This is evolution of hockey training and the true inspiration for The Rink. At The Rink Training Centre, you no longer need to hop off the ice, get changed and drive to your nearest gym because The Rink offers a 4,500 ft2 state of the indoor art gym / dry land training centre and a 11,500 ft2 outdoor dry land training zone.

The Rink Hockey School:

The Rink Hockey SchoolThe Rink is a top level facility to maximize the effectiveness of hockey training, we incorporate more than skating lessons and shinny games! We offer on-ice skills training, such as power skating training and one-on-one skills training


GDI PrairiesGDI is a world-leader in the development of hockey goaltenders. The tools and techniques developed by GDI have revolutionized the way goalies play the game. Over the course of GDI’s history, its reputation has grown due to their developers’ exceptional knowledge of the goal-tending position and the ability to consistently convey that knowledge to other coaches and goalies.