This Summer At Elite Performance

I have missed blogging. It’s not like it has been a choice not to, I have just exchanged my time blogging to manage a bigger, better ELITE Performance.

It has been two years since “we” left “the box” on Ness…but it seems like a few lifetimes ago.

So many new faces on both sides of the ball, clients and a team of 29 people at Elite Lowson who have never been more ready to turn your effort into success.

This summer….

Speed Camp 5 seesions per week – our on field speed school run by Glenn Bruce/Andrew Harris

Fight club 4 days per week – our Hockey-Self Defense/Offence with our newest addition, former Pro-Boxer Corey Houston

Mind Camp 6 days per week – our Sport Psychologist Rachel Valel MSc is ready to help you tackle your mental game HEAD ON

Yoga – 5 sessions per week – with the “yoda” of Yoga – Dillion Cherrett

Stretch Class – instructed by the incomparable Martha D’Ita

Power Camp – as we are always looking for the best PERFORMANCE specialists – we found another one. Darryl Conrad – Manitoba’s “Real-Deal” as a lifter/coach

Enduro-tx – 2 days per week – for those who need to at the highest level of ANAEROBIC-AEROBIC fitness levels – Ultra-Marathoner/ Cross Canada Marathoner (that’s right … ran across Canada) – Ryan Anderson will take you through 45 minutes of EARTH SHATTERING enduro-Training..on the roads/parks and hills of Winnipeg. It is a different location for EACH session…but you can count on one thing to be the same. A pulse of 200!

As always our on-floor product is second to none…this year we have bolstered our Hockey Staff with Keith Grondin and Brett Plouffe (CIS Hockey players and former ELITE clients) and Brendan Odonnell (NCAA-UND Hockey Player and Long-Time ELITE Client).

As you can see we have been busy…

I could have probably summer it up in a phrase….

“We are ready for your BEST SUMMER yet.”

Onward and Upward,

Your pal,


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