Onward and Upward at Elite Performance

For all of you who reside in the NATION, I have to offer you an apology for not blogging sooner…I promise you it has not been for a lack of want…but truly, a lack of time.

As of late, with the overwhelming success in the direction of ELITE, the RINK and GDI….our floor, ice and goalie ice-pad is going 7 days a week…at almost peak capacity…due to the RELENTLESS diligence of our ownership group, management team and staff!

The coles update of what has been happening at ELITE?= OK

We have introduced an on-site Doctor, Physiotherapist, Sports Psychologist, Yoga Master, Stretch Coach, Power Coach, 2 NEW Certified Athletic Therapists and our newest trainer on the floor- FORMER BC LION and Professional Stunt Man….SHAWN STEWART!

Our team has been busy training, stretching, rehabbing and coaching many champions/ athetes towards their goals culminating in a very busy past weekend….

1- Joe Marcoux- Canadian Overall Classic Bodybuilding Champion Competes in Sophia Bulgaria in Worlds
2-John Wintrup- 2nd Place Overall Classic Bodybuilding Champion will be competing right beside “Big-Joe”
3- Obby Khan- former Bomber and current Calgary Stampeder and ELITE Football Consultant- plays in the 100th Grey Cup in TO today
4- Leila Mostaco-Guidolin- a member of the Brazilian National Ski TEAM ‘SHATTERS” the course record in Alaska this weekend (by over 11 minutes) to accumlate her fisrst FIS Points for the 2013 Season….

Suffice to say…we have been RELENTLESS with our improvement of both ourselves and EACH and EVERY one of the citizens of ELITE Nation since the last time we spoke…

I promise, it won’t be long before our next visit….
Until next time ELITE NATION,
Onward and Upward,
Your pal,

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