Stretch Class at Elite Performance | Winnipeg

Elite Nation,

Did you know that stretching – PROPERLY, reduces the chance of injury, increases range of motion and can make you a stronger, more powerful athlete?

If you could decrease your chances of sitting on the bench or in the clinic due to injury and become a more explosive athlete…would you do whatever it took to do so?

Well, it is MUCH easier than you think to make this happen.

As you may know, the same coach that helps the Royal Winnipeg Ballet become more flexible, the lovely Martha de Ita, has been part of our staff for a number of years now…and she is here for one reason…TO MAKE YOU MORE FLEXIBLE.

Because of the popularity of our Stretch Class with Ms. Martha de Ita, we have decided to offer two separate classes every Tuesday evening.

We now are pleased to offer a Football Specific Stretch Class and a Hockey Specific Stretch Class.

If you are a registered member of ELITE, there is no charge for this…space is limited on a weekly basis.

Want to make the most out of summer?

Here is a great place to start.

Onward and Upward,


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