1st Place Bikini 2012 BCABBA Novice and Provincial Championships

In preparation for my physique competition, I took the advice of a friend and fellow Elite Performance athlete and decided to train with the best – Jeff Fisher and Elite Performance. It was a privilege training with Jeff and the best decision I could have made. I was more than thrilled with the results. The support, knowledge and attention Jeff gives to his athletes is top notch and I wouldn’t dream of training with anyone else. Thanks Jeff!

—Lisa Brown


Under Mr. Fisher’s wing, I have been given all the tools necessary to achieve greatness. What an amazing gift. Living the Elite lifestyle has made me stronger in every area of life! Looking forward to another very successful year in competing and life in general.

—Holly Raban

2011 MABBA Provincial Figure Overall Champion


“Without Jeff Fisher and his amazing staff I would not be able to compete at this level. A perfectly tailored program and all the support an athlete could dream of. Elite has molded me into the athlete I’ve always wanted to be. Thank you!”

—Brad Gebhardt

Champion Moto Cross Racer


“Elite is an amazing place to find yourself, discover your true potential, learn to achieve things you may have never thought you can do and become the best you can be. Thanks Jeff and all the Elite staff, all of your encouragement is much appreciated!!!”

—Rachelle Harty-Edwards

U of M Bison Basketball


“Not only did Elite help me get back to snowboarding after my ACL surgery, they showed me the importance of strength and conditioning to my sport. Now I’m a stronger, more balanced snowboarder than I was before my injury. Thank you Elite!”

—Darrah Reid-Mclean

Pro Snowboarder


“Jeff Fisher and the team at Elite Performance not only helped me get into the best shape of my life, they helped me push the limits, accomplish a dream and changed my life forever.”

—Ryan Anderson

Marathon Runner


“Elite is not a place where you realize your potential. It is a place where you look around and see athletes from all disciplines doing things you can barely comprehend. It makes you think, forces you to reflect, and it motivates you. In the end, Elite does not help you realize your potential, but everyday it helps you redefine what you thought it was.”

—Sean Mooney

Cornell University Soccer Player


“I want to thank Jeff Fisher and everyone at Elite for making me a better athlete so I can be free as an artist.”

—Jaime Vargas

Principal Dancer, Royal Winnipeg Ballet


“Elite has lead me to discover the true, raw determination within myself and the invaluable reward of reaching a goal through your own daily perseverance. I take great pride in being part of the Elite family!”

—Vivika Ballard

Professional Dancer, Royal Winnipeg Ballet


“It’s no surprise that three years ago when I started training at Elite, my dance career took off. Without the help of fISH and the Elite staff there is no way I would have accomplished what I have today. It has helped me gain the strength I needed to achieve all of my goals and given me the work ethic to persevere through anything and everything.”

—Raffie Rosenberg

2009 World Ballet Championships - Gold


“Recovering from a knee surgery I was searching for the best athletic trainers that Winnipeg could offer and I ended up with a full life changing experience. Thank you Jeff Fisher and the Elite Performance Centers!!!”

—Giuseppe de Ruggiero

Solo & Principal Dancer, Dutch National Ballet, Royal Winnipeg Ballet


“When I first started training at Elite, I was an absolute pipsqueak! I’ve gone from a Novice to a National level competitor in 2 years! Jeff’s programming is a step-by-step guide to success and I wouldn’t trust my training to anyone else. Thank you Jeff!”

—Leigh Mollison

2009 National Bodybuilding Competitor


“At Elite, dreams do not remain thought-of aspirations… they become a reality for everyone who has the privilege of training there. Thank you to Jeff and his staff for encouraging the dream in everyone!”

—Melanie Dandeneau

2009 National Figure Competitor


“At Elite I was able to achieve more than I ever imagined was possible. I can’t thank the trainers enough for pushing me beyond my limits every day.”

—Tanya Nawolski

2009 National Figure Competitor


“Elite believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. The Elite crew helped me push past all my barriers and what I thought was impossible they helped make possible! I could have never accomplished what I did without Elite. They truly are the best of the best!”

—Amber Pawlyshyn

2010 MABBA Provincial Bodybuilding Overall Champion


“Thank you fISH and Elite trainers…10 years at Elite has made me “FASTER, STRONGER and SMARTER”. You have made me push my limits and I have accomplished (physically and mentally) more than I ever imagined possible…and I’m not finished yet!!!”

—Dawn Richardson

Champion Adventure Racer, Climbed Mount Everest


“Training at Elite has been a life altering experience. I have learned more here than in the past twenty years training on my own and the motivational atmosphere is second to none. Adventure racing is all about being able to handle the unknown and unplanned in very difficult environments. Elite has prepared me to take on anything.I’m indebted to all the staff. Thanks.”

—Kurt Gibson

Champion World Adventure Racer


“Every moment with you, I become stronger. Everyday at Elite I accomplish more than I thought possible. Every year I finish expeditions that make my heart sing. I owe you my life. Thank you!!!”

—Katrina Rosen

Champion World Adventure Racer


“Words cannot express the impact Elite has had on my hockey and day to day life…”

—David Schulz

7 Year Elite client, Professional Hockey Player


“Everyone knows how Elite can make you faster and stronger, what people don’t realize is how Elite trains your mind. Elite helps you realize how you can overcome obstacles, and take on challenges you never thought you were capable of and leave you wanting more. Fish and all the past and present trainers at elite have guided me through my hockey career and I could never thank them enough.”

—Dane Crowley

AHL Houston Aeros


“Fitness at the NHL level is unlike no other. Elite helped me in the off season to establish a goal, execute that goal and ultimately reach the level of training I needed to be successful in the NHL. Thanks Elite!”

—Sven Butenschon

NY Islanders


“Training at Elite is like no other. Every day you are pushed to your limit and the environment your in strives for nothing less then excellence. The Elite Staff and Facility has brought my game to a new level and every off-season that I return, my performance bar raises.”

—Andrew Harris

BC Lions


“Training at Elite has brought my game to new levels, but we’re not done yet. Elite helped me realize my dreams and now the staff is making sure that I reach them. Thank you for everything!”

—Tom Hall

U of M Bison Football


“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen. I have had the great opportunity to train exclusively with Jeff Fisher and the Elite staff and can say, without question, that Elite embodies and epitomizes the principles of success. I owe a great part of my career success to Elite and for that I will forever by indebted to them. Thank you for helping me live my dream.”

—Justin Cooper

The Edmonton Eskimos


“Thank you to Jeff Fisher and the training staff at Elite for bringing me back from the edge of death to the best shape of my life. I now believe I can accomplish anything no matter how badly the odds are stacked against me, when I surround myself with the best people in the business. Thank you for helping me get my career back. I am forever indebted to all the staff at Elite.”

—Ibrahim “Obby” Khan

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers


“It’s no coincidence that my best years as a football player came when I was training with Jeff Fisher and the Elite Staff!”

—Khari Jones

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers


“Training at Elite these past six years has not only taken my game to new heights in the CFL when I am at an age when my play should be declining, but it has also ingrained a work ethic in me and a passion for improvement and excellence that will continue to serve me just as well off of the field when I retire.”

—Doug Brown

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers