Yoga, Speed Camp, Stretch Class are all now common-place at ELITE…with WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTION for WORLD-CLASS Athletes.

…You will also notice a new face around ELITE…his name is Darryl Conrad a paramedic AND currently ranked 2 in Canada as an Olympic Lifter…he is our NEW Power Coach.

With our programming, service providers, Massage Therapist, Athletic Therapists, Physiotherapist and the LEGENDARY service of those good people (Martin and Barry) at Gorilla Jack…I think it is safe to say “we have got you covered….PHYSICALLY”.

Now, we can also say that the mental part of your game is also ready to be hit with HUGE GAINS with the introduction of Rachelle Valel our in-house Sports Psychologist..

Rachelle has been a sport psychology consultant since 2006 and has worked with almost every sport under the sun from amature to National level athletes both on a team and individual basis. Rachelle was a past national level gymnast and fitness competitor. She is a NCCP Level 4 certified coach in gymnastics and has coached both National and Internation medalists. Rachelle has a degree in Kinesiology a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology and is published as an author for a Sports Psychology reference book.

with the INTRO of Rachelle…we are introducing ‘MIND CAMP’ a two session mini-camp with Rachelle and her brilliance which is geared towards ONE THING…and ONE THING ONLY! REALIZING YOUR SUCCESS….

To register call ELITE at 831.6758 ask for Mo…and he will get you on your way to the mini-camp of the year- MIND CAMP!

Until next time ELITE Nation,
Onward and Upward,
your pal,

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